• Lucy Norris

Third Party Comms

In this world of on-camera comms, there are so many exciting, innovative, and extraordinary ways in which people are using communication to connect, inspire, and collaborate with others. 360-degree content that delights us with the unexpected is already ahead of the game. So if that is what you are creating, great job! You see, it's getting harder and harder to cut through the noise, so what we are now starting to see is people hone in on their strategy. They are slowing down and starting to push thoughtful, purposeful content out, and surprise, surprise, that's what we want! Now, more than ever people have questions, and when I say questions, I mean questions about everything. And they want a real human person to answer them. They don't want automated bots, providing snappy generic answers. There is no trust in the cookie cutter influencer posts.They desire a real connection. And in some ways, this accessible human needs to be unbiased, unassociated, and instead in some ways sit on the consumer's side, asking the questions and getting the answers from other humans.


So where am I going with this? Well, this is what brands are asking of me. They want me to bring my experience, perspective, and knowledge to the digital world of wonder and connect brands in the virtual world through On Camera Comms. Whether this is through zoom, Instagram lives, online streaming, youtube.... it doesn't matter what the platform is, what matters is the conversation. They want an individual to help guide the viewers through their digital journey as they experience the brands communicating to each other. Still, a little far fetched? let me give you an example I was asked by a sustainable brand, Avrio Footwear to be the digital host for an Instagram live chat they were hosting for a full day. They invited partners and brands from all around the world to be interviewed by myself.


I don't work for Avrio and I'm not a designer, but what I am is a communicator and content creator in the fashion world. I bring an open-minded view, I have no favourites but I do have industry knowledge. I'm not "salesy" and viewers can trust that this is an authentic conversation as opposed to a forced, staged chat. There is no product "show" just a series of genuine, questions that the viewers would probably be asking themselves. Basically, I'm a digital moderator for live streaming content. But let's be real, that sounds really boring so I'm yet to define my role. All I know is that this "model" works and is a great approach for brands looking to drive awareness, strengthen loyalty and try out something different other than paying an influencer to talk about your product. Create space for people to discuss your industry and talk about the future of possibility, as opposed to what has already been achieved. Find out how to curate your own BrandComms content by checking out my recent article for OCP Media Training.

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