The Value of Being Virtual

I see you on camera! The Instagram lives, the IGTV posts, even the short videos on Linkedin. You are all embracing the digital world of communications, and I love it!

Okay, so we may not have any other choice at the moment, but believe me when I say, even when this all passes, video will continue to be our "new normal." It's efficient, effective and it just works. But, what we need to remember to ask ourselves, is how can we make it work for us? How can we be our best selves in front of the camera and offer our clients the best value possible?

I'm sure you will agree that you are all starting to see the benefit of live streaming or creating content independently for your followers. Let's put it bluntly, we are on lockdown and we have no other choice. But yet, it's wonderful to see business begin to blossom because of video.

It's happening all around us. One of my best friends text me the day we went into quarantine and she said "I've never in my life been unemployed. But now I am. Gyms are closed and I can no longer teach my classes."

Of course you can imagine my response.

"It's not over. It's just the beginning of a different type of world. The digital one."

She adapted, adjusted and is now teaching her classes daily, on a variety of live streaming services. She is making it work for her. Instead of focusing on how this situation restricts her, she is discovering the value in this new opportunity.

BUT. So is everyone else.

So this is the important part: You have to differentiate your work from others and add value to the content. The way you communicate with your clients is important:
Make them want more and provide a service that works for their new lifestyle.

This "new normal" has provided us with "new customers" who want to connect with the teacher/instructor/coach and they need a personalised experience. They want a conversation. So how can you embrace the value of being virtual, and add value for your clients?

By now, we are all aware that you need to consider the following for any type of video:
Clean background
Good audio
Flattering angle
Have an outline/structure prepared
Engage with your audience- ask questions, give feedback and listen to responses. It's not about being "seen" on camera, it's about having a connection with your audience.

But we need more than that now. You need to communicate with your clients and give them that added extra. You need to build the same community spirit you had in your gym/ salon/ office. So how do you do that?

Here are some quick tips:

What you need to remember when you are adapting to the digital world, is that people want to connect. They want a conversation, they need to "be seen and heard" now more than ever. So these extra steps, options and services will be of great value to them.

Personalised Content

Already streaming your classes? Why not set up a private Whatsapp group that provides tips, lists, news and industry insight. You can create short videos specifically for the group. And then encourage them to sign up to a "members only" option on your site which offers more personalised content.

Personalised content doesn't mean you have to invest in software to provide some top-notch service. It just means you start off by breaking up your clients into a few categories and provide content for those groups.

For example:

My Clients include start ups, entrepreneurs and Investors. The content that I share can target those three groups and it's automatically more of a personalised experience.

You also need to remember that you have your own R & D studio at your fingertips.

Marketing research used to cost thousands, but now you can develop and expand your service by communicating with your customer directly. It's important to be accessible to your community so they can give you the feedback that will make or break your content. (Hopefully make it)

Why not create a live Q &A on Facebook/Instagram and speak directly to your clients. What do they want more of? How is the class benefitting them? What challenges are the currently facing?

Online classes can sometimes seem a little isolated as you are not always receiving the feedback you would get in class. So do remember to acknowledge people in the class, give them feedback in real time and maybe offer a little intro opportunity so people in your class can connect with each over during the live Q & A.

Create added value with your competitors.

Work with people in your industry, join live streams of other classes, interview your number one competitor on IGTV live and start to collaborate and add value to other people's work in your industry, In return, you will learn, advance and grow as you embrace this digital world together. The more value that you add to your content, the more you will attract new customers and retain loyal ones.

Watch the full episode at @lucyjnorris on IGTV

And join me live every Tuesday at 8pm GMT for a live Q & A.

Stay safe. Stay connected.

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