• Lucy Norris

Self Awareness Is Key When Playing The Content Game.

  1. Describe yourself in three words.

  2. What qualities do you most admire in yourself?

  3. What is your biggest weakness?

  4. What is your biggest strength?

  5. What things scare you?

  6. Do you make decisions logically or intuitively?

  7. How would you complete the question: “What if?”.

Have these questions got you thinking? How self-aware do you feel you are? In terms of psychology, self-awareness is often defined as the ability to engage in some kind of reflective awareness. So why is this important when you are considering content. Why do you need to be self-aware in order to create content that makes an impact? Being self-aware is key when beginning to create content that incorporates you as the "centre piece". When you are self-aware, you can choose where to focus your emotions, your energy, and your personality so that you can be present when on camera, and also be productive when watching yourself back. Self-awareness helps you be much more aware of your thoughts and emotions and how these things can help with the quality of content that you are creating. The best way to continually develop self-awareness is to learn to look at yourself objectively and to try and see yourself as others see or perceive you. The more self-aware you are, the more you can improve and make changes in not just in the content you create, but also the life that you live.

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