How To Turn Interviews Into Compelling Content.

Interviews are a brilliant way of boosting content, building brand awareness and elevating your product or service in the world of digital. By creating topics of conversations that live within your industry and asking guests questions that your customers are interested in, you are automatically creating a trusted, resourceful platform as opposed to just a

"selling vertical."

It's time to make the conversation about somebody else.

Influencer: Mimi Elashiry Interviewed for the content campaign for Conscious Fashion campaign

I often hear personal brands say that they don't want to "oversell" themselves or come across as "egocentric" Well one of the easiest ways to avoid this, is to make your content about somebody else. Create a space whereby topics can be discussed, industry insights can be shared and quality content can be produced because it's educational and entertaining as opposed to two dimensional and surface level.

Create content that will make your viewers want to come back for more.

How To Create 'Valuable" Interviews.

  • Go deep and discuss; The journey of your content suddenly becomes a lot more interesting when you have somewhere to take your user. Interviews can be created in the form of videos, blogs, podcasts, livestreams and infographics that have the ability to paint a bigger picture and tell a stronger story.

  • You have unlimited access to guests; Reach out to people via social platforms in a personable way and make it clear why they would be a good guest for you to interview, Why will your community resonate with their messaging? How can your platform help them share their story?

  • Know your audience (Or the type of audience you want to build) Structure your interview in a way that will keep them entertained and informed. Research competitors and other content creators in your field. What are they doing well and what are they missing? How can you provide value for your target audience.

  • Interviewing is a skill; Creating conversation that is engaging, original and powerful takes practice. Making someone else look and feel comfortable when creating content around them requires effort, patience and focus. Don't underestimate the power of making someone else's story be heard.

  • Don't end with a sell; Complete your interview with a valuable take away. How can that conversation help your user? How can your insight, take on the industry, or review of a product help your consumer's journey. Not only do you need to make your interviewee sound good, but you also need to make the viewer feel good after watching or reading the content.

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